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The Maltings Complex, including the Granary Theatre is now closed for refurbishment.  
The Friends of the Granary will still be presenting plays, music and comedy over the coming months.  The Sackhouse can accommodate small music groups and the High School are pleased to have theatre companies offering workshops for the students the afternoon before the performance. We may also use St. Nicholas’s Church.

We will keep you informed of future shows and venues via this web site at usual.

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Performances start at 7.30 p.m. unless stated otherwise.


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Saturday 29th July  - 3pm

In the Carnival Marquee,  Clubbs Lane, NR23 1DP
D.O.T. Productions
Tickets: Adult £10, Child £5, Snr Citizen £9 (Over 65s),  Student £5,  
Friends of the Granary £8.00  (FOG card to be produced before show).
DOT Productions returns with a sparkling new stage adaptation of the Jane Austen classic 'Emma'.

Emma Woodhouse has the world at her fingertips. Life seems pretty good – if a bit boring – and so Emma decides to spice things up by taking on a protégé, Harriet Smith. Although determined never to marry herself, Emma immediately decides to find Harriet a husband and sets about playing Cupid with the village men.
When her carefully laid plans unravel and lead to consequences she never expected, Emma learns life doesn't always go the way you want it to!
With its imperfect yet charming heroine and unique view of relationships Emma is often seen as one of Jane Austen’s most celebrated works.
In this bicentennial year of Jane Austen, DOT Productions brings its renowned style to 'Emma', a comedy of manners that is sure to delight.
Sunday 30th July

In the Carnival Marquee, Clubbs Lane,
NR23 1DP
The Original Tennessee Stud
All Tickets: £5
Friday 18th August

In the Sackhouse
Wolfswood Band
All Tickets: £8
We are pleased to welcome back the three young musicians, who live locally, that form the Wolfswood Band. Lindsey provides the vocals, Neil plays guitar and Al the ketar. The ketar is worn like a guitar but plays like a keyboard. They sing and play their own music as well as covers of other folk singers.
Friday 25th August

In the Sackhouse
Front Porch
Tickets: Adult £10, Child £5, Snr Citizen £9 (Over 65s),  Student £5,  
Friends of the Granary £8.00  (FOG card to be produced before show).
'Front Porch' play Electro -Acoustic Music.

Kevan Taplin and John Kelly have been to the Granary with their unique 'Front Porch' set and have supported us by becoming Friends of the Granary.
Kevan and John both play guitar and they are joined by vocalist Steve Bennett. Their sets feature their own compositions based on the blues, folk, acoustic, roots and Americana genres of their backgrounds as well as 'classics' which are always given a 'Front Porch' twist.
Wednesday 6th September

In the Sackhouse
Hobson’s Voice
Tickets: Adult £10, Child £5, Snr Citizen £9 (Over 65s),  Student £5,  
Friends of the Granary £8.00  (FOG card to be produced before show).
Hobson's Voice are a folk group based in the Cambridgeshire village of Over

With a mix of music, history and legend, Hobson’s Voice transform the stories of Cambridgeshire into community folk with heart.

Originally, their source-themes were the myths and untold stories of their home locality and the neighbouring area of Cambridgeshire and the Fens. Some of the ' Hobson's Voice' songs draw musical pictures of people, times and places we may travel past when we go westward from Norfolk. These days inspiration often grows from the most unexpected sources. For example, 'Ranelagh Road' is a moving story from a 1916 Military Hospital based on a nurse's diary  . They sing to guitar, mandolin, piano accordian, clarinet, recorder, whistle and flute.
Friday 13th October  

At Alderman Peel High School, Market Lane, NR23 1RB
Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company
Tickets: Adult £10, Child £5, Snr Citizen £9 (Over 65s),  Student £5,  
Friends of the Granary £8.00  (FOG card to be produced before show).
Hidden secrets, dark conspiracies and spies are the order of the day for 'Anglian Mist', Stuff of Dreams 2017 production.

When a noteable author and historian who specialises in Ufology  and conspiracy theories begins his lecture on the Rendlesham  Forest Incident he is somewhat taken aback when an elderly lady in the audience stands up and publicly takes exception to his claims regarding the true nature of the military installation at Orford Ness. What follows is a psychological thriller as a long-hidden cold war plot is brought kicking and screaming into the light of day with chilling consequences for all involved.

Inspired by the vast concrete pagodas and the desolate beauty of Orford Ness, this play will open with an immersive theatre experience on the Ness itself and then tour the eastern region.
Thursday 19th October  

At Alderman Peel High School, Market Lane, NR23 1RB
Rumpus Theatre Company
Tickets: Adult £10, Child £5, Snr Citizen £9 (Over 65s),  Student £5,  
Friends of the Granary £8.00  (FOG card to be produced before show).
A new play, written by John Goodrum based on H.G.Wells' classic ghost story 'The Red Room'.
An unnamed protagonist chooses to spend the night in an allegedly haunted room in Lorraine Castle. He intends to disprove the legends surrounding it. Despite vague warnings from the three infirm custodians who reside in the castle, the narrator ascends to the 'Red Room' to begin his night's vigil.
Everyone warned against it , but stubborness is a curious thing .......one night, entirely alone in an apparently haunted room. Its a familiar scenario, but the outcome is totally expected...and utterly terrifying !

Last Autumn’s tour of H P Lovecraft’s “THE HAUNTING OF EXHAM PRIORY” was hugely popular with audiences, with social media comments such as “Fantastic evening being spellbound by the spine-tingling new @RumpusTheatreCo ‘The Haunting of Exham Priory.’ Stunning” and “Thank you for a great night of suspense and creepiness … thoroughly enjoyed it … can’t wait to see what you do next year” …

Come and see this mesmerizing new take on H G Wells’ classic ghost story


to find out … … and enter the room … if you dare!
Friday 17th November

At The Sackhouse
Vicki Swan


Voice of an Angel-Soul of the Devil'
Tickets: Adult £10, Child £5, Snr Citizen £9 (Over 65s),  Student £5,  
Friends of the Granary £8.00  (FOG card to be produced before show).
The nyckelharpa - the Swedish keyed fiddle is an instrument that is capturing the hearts of people the world over. It was once in danger of dyeing out, but kept safe and sound it is now on the up and up. Even so very few people have heard of this magnificent instrument.

Vicki goes back in time, all the way back to the medieval period to give you a potted history of the nyckelharpa. Meet nyckelharpa players from the past, but beware the one in the big black floppy hat.

Tunes, tales and intrigue will ensue.
A multimedia experience.

The fastest way to explain the show is to watch the video